C1532 Victorian French porcelain tureen with lovely decorative artichoke knob $195

C1 Vintage Indian iron spoons/ ladles $20-$30

C192 Selection of Vintage French champagne ice buckets circa late 1900s $75

C1489 Selection of lovely vintage French champagne crates $375ea

C674 Vintage French glass Cheese cloche circa 1880-1900 $125-$185

C1514 Selection of Vintage French linen tea towels with traditional red stripe and monogram initials $35ea

C1522 Lovely Large French green glass demijohns (used for liquor storage)circa 1880-1900 $175-$195

C1515 Set of 5 French copper pans in good usable condition $495

C1954 Lovely original French timber cheese boards $145-$185

C1483 French oak champagne rack $795

C1467 Vintage French Apple pickers baskets $125ea

C1519 Large 19th century French ochre glazed olive oil pot $395

C70 Large French oak barrel bound with metal straps and cast iron handles $295

C506-507 Selection of vintage French chunky timber breadboards $95-$225

C66 Vintage timber European grain scoops $75ea

C1536 Victorian French earthenware cream bowls circa 1880-1900 $145ea

C1992. Large early Indian teak bowl $495

C1515 Selection of vintage French copper pots $75-$145

C1514 Vintage French monogrammed linen tea towels $35ea

C1519 19th century French ochre glazed confit pots $295-$375