GF1940 Large iron Eratosthenes armillary sphere $495

GF152 60cm sandstone sphere $695

GF808 21 hole Country dovecote with traditional lime painted finish $995

GF1082 Aegean rose arch $1100 out of stock

GF2010 Pair of lovely patined stone horse heads(Indian Origin) $595ea

GF893 Contemporary sandstone statue Sad lady $1450

GF1 Gorgeous French composite pecking chickens from Anduze region France $325ea

GF1451 Classic French four seasons putti on stand (summer) $1395ea

Hand carved sandstone pears with blacksmith forged iron stems (available large and small)
GF583 small $450
GF751 large $895

GF1026 Hand carved stone Medievil sundial pedestal $1250

GF1571 Decorative carved sandstone rams (make wonderful gate post finials) $399ea

GF1823 Three tier forged iron espalier frame(available in 2 sizes) $245-$295

GF1026 Sandstone Gothic sundial pedestal $895

GF809 Country dovecote Octagonal $495

GF2020 Large gothic iron obelisk $189

GF2021 Small gothic iron obelisk $169 Out of stock

GF2022 Gothic iron tunnel $595ea

GF1026e Hand carved sandstone Victorian sundial pedestal $995