P6 Traditional artisan made vegetable trugs (Tasmanian made) $85-$145

P1 The Jardin Room linen botanical tea towel Pumpkin $24

P3 French linen vintage wash apron $89.95
P4 Turkish linen scarf $85

P2 Little veggie patch heirloom seeds $5.50
P1450-1481 Vintage English onion hoes $61-$64

P5 Haws traditional long reach metal watering can with brass rose $295

P9 English ash handle secateur $49

P7 Selection of Plain and simple gourmet salts $28
P8 glass salt tub with timber scoop $18

P1832 Steel frame/wire mesh garden cloche available 2 sizes $125-$195
P1488 Vintage English Spear and Jackson never bend garden fork $99

P1572 Vintage French wire pickers baskets with timber handles $125-$185