UP792a Large Gothic stone font $2450 out of stock

UP1457 Pair of stunning 1m tall French baked clay Anduze urns $1850ea

UP1 Antiqua terracotta Astra planters (available three sizes) $72-$149

Metal swag planters with decorative knob handles (available in two sizes)
UP1825 $595 out of stock
UP1826 $495 out of stock

UP3 Antiqua terracotta wreath planters available in 4 sizes $28- $165

UP4 Pair of 80cm La Madeline ancient anduze pots $1800ea

UP2 Classic French La Madeline Flame velli Anduze urns (available 70cm-50cmhigh)50cm $750Out of stock 70cm-$1395

UP1717 Steel 1.5m long Chamond planter $595

UP1878 Old stone lotus leaf planter $595

UP1965 Large hand carved stone basketweave urn $2450

UP1437 Contemporary cast iron French style garden urn. Lovely elegant proportions/ verdigris patina $395